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Contributions to MaRIS

The MarcoPolo-R Imaging Spectrometer (MaRIS) is part of MarcoPolo-Rís payload. MaRIS is a visible and near-infrared imaging spectrometer operating in the 0.4- to 4-micrometer spectral range. It will make detailed determinations of the surface mineral composition with spatial resolution from meters to decimeters.

Spectroscopy is an important tool to achieve some science objectives, in particular:

  • Global characterization of the entire asteroid
  • Detailed characterization of the sample site in its native environment before sampling
  • Establishing the broadest possible scientific context for the target asteroid within the current understanding of the solar system

MaRISí Principal Investigator is Antonella Barucci, Centre National díEtudes Spatiales (CNES). NASA is providing a scanning mechanism for the MaRIS instrument, shown as the Pointing Mirror Module (PMM) in the diagram below.

Image credit: Jean-Michel Reess, LESIA

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