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Image credit: Cover image from the MarcoPolo-R proposal to ESA

MarcoPolo-R is a proposed European Space Agency (ESA) mission to obtain a sample from the near-earth asteroid 2008 EV5 and return it to Earth for analysis. The target, asteroid 2008 EV5, is a primitive type of asteroid, which means it is composed of material that has changed very little since the time when the solar system formed. NASA is supporting this ESA mission through several contributions, including a sampling system.

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MarcoPolo-R Integrated Sampling Mechanism (MPRISM)
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Read the letter from James Green (Director of NASA's Planetary Science Division) to Luigi Colangeli (Head of ESA's Solar System Missions Division) affirming continued support for NASA contributions to MarcoPolo-R.

The MarcoPolo-R Team

The MarcoPolo-R team is led by Antonella Barucci of Laboratoire d’Etudes Spatiales et d'Instrumentation en Astrophysique (LESIA)–Paris Observatory and Patrick Michel of the Lagrange Laboratory, Univ. Nice, CNRS, Côte d'Azur Observatory.

The U.S./NASA team for MarcoPolo-R is led by Principal Investigator Andy Cheng and Project Manager Cheryl Reed of JHU/APL and Lindley Johnson of NASA.

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